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First Term: What I learned

Posted by: Hamdi
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“Did you really jump off a 15 meter pole during your first week at LBS?” asked my puzzled family. Even though I had a sleepless overnight flight back home, I could tell from their looks it would be better to answer them before I reunited with my bed. Suspecting I had joined the circus, my family listened as I described to them my ‘LBS Away day’. Apart from jumping off a pole (it kind of helped having an ex-navy pilot jump with me), my study group and I walked on a hanging wire as well as managed to pass a ball to 14 people in less than half a second. I explained to my family that beneath the adrenaline rush I had, without realizing, learned my first lesson at LBS: Effective teamwork is essential for success.

Having heard enough about my acrobatics, my family asked me “did you learn anything this term?”. It wasn’t too hard to convince them as I described the 5 core courses, 2 leadership workshops, GLAM and countless club meetings. The core classes were a perfect mix of theory and practicality. Class discussions further enhance the real-life use of the tools we learn. It’s amazing how you get to listen to – and engage with – for example, strategy perspectives from a L’Oreal executive from someone in your own class! Moreover, the projects that we undertake for each class are not only designed to help tackle everyday management problems, such as calculating how many planes Airbus needed to sell per year to breakeven on its A380 investment, but also lead a diverse group of people in doing so under a very tight schedule.

As for the leadership workshops, these are workshops aimed at enhancing leadership characteristics. My favorite was by far Influencing & Persuading. We learned about the 4 categories of personalities that people have and which techniques are suitable for each personality. We then spent hours practicing scenarios that ranged from dealing with military generals to unmotivated employees in a struggling startup. Its just amazing how at LBS you learn so much about soft skills that you would have otherwise thought were unnecessary. As a testament to my newly acquired skills, I managed to persuade my landlord to knock a bit off when I renew my contract this term! No matter what workshop you are interested in, which range from Presentations to Personal Impact, the results are skills that are easily translated into any industry, position, and country that you will end up in after graduation.

Even though I have finished just one term, I already feel like I’ve learned a whole program’s worth of information. It is just incredible how the MBA program has so far pushed me one step closer to becoming a global leader. As excited as I am about next term, for now I will catch up on some much needed sleep!

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