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Gene Simmons X 1000

Posted by: Chemi

Yesterday I was one of the 200 happy LBS students who attended the lecture of Gene Simmons, the leader of the band “Kiss”. It was an hour and a half of pure charisma and the highest self confidence I have ever seen. You could see right from the start that there are some more humble people than him: “I am not used to appear in front of people who haven’t paid to see me”, and then a 10 minutes video clip that mentions the name “Gene Simmons” every 10 seconds. At first I felt a little uneasy with this spectacle of arrogance. But then Gene (can I call him that?) managed to conquer me and the rest of the crowd with his sense of humor and unique view on life. His arrogance is part of the show, and who else can behave like that if not one of the biggest rock stars ever? As Gene said “I am saying my name all the time and I don’t care what you think about it. At the end you will go out from here with one thing in your head: Gene Simmons”. He was so right…

Another person who spread some stardust in his lecture at LBS is the Spanish chef, Ferran Adria, who was included in TIME magazine list of “The 100 Most Influential People of Our Time.” I must admit that I have not heard about Ferran Adria before, but his arrival to LBS a month ago caused a lot of excitement among many students here.

However, not only world class celebrities arrive to guest lectures at LBS. One of the best things of being a student here is the access you receive to the events organized by the school or by the student clubs (Gene Simmons event was organized by the Retail & Luxury Goods Club). No matter whether you are MBA, MiF, full time, part time, executive or on exchange program (I think) …you are part of the LBS community, and can receive notification and register to every event. Another great event that I attended recently was about private equity Investments in the emerging markets (organized by the emerging markets club). Senior representative from Actis presented an interactive case study about evaluation of two potential deals in Brazil and India. It was very interesting, and through the case I could really understand the way PE firms analyze deals.

Not all the events take place at LBS. Recently I attended a panel discussion about the European crisis in Bloomberg offices. 50 LBS students received free entrance for the panel. In addition to listening to an interesting discussion from five finance experts, I enjoyed Bloomberg’s notorious hosting during the reception…  

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