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Johannesburg is the perfect choice for my GBE!

Posted by: Palvi
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Only one more week of frenzy as we wrap up our final assessments and exams and begin packing for our trip to Johannesburg for the second of London Business School’s Global Business Experiences (‘GBE’)!  A new initiative to the London Business School’s MBA, each student had the choice of one of five destinations to choose from for their GBE: United States, South Africa, India, Hong Kong and Turkey.  I was thrilled to see Johannesburg included on this list, as I think Africa really is a destination that demonstrates equal amounts of opportunities as it does challenges, when looking to capitalize on its future growth potential. I’m really happy that London Business School is offering its MBAs this incredibility unique (no GBE is the same!) experiential course in the heart of a developing country such as South Africa, we truly are experiencing “global” in the truest sense.

For me the choice to go to South Africa was a no brainer. I grew up in Kenya and have spent the past 13 years living, working and studying in the West. Following my MBA I am planning to move back to Africa and I’m eager to learn about what opportunities are available.  I think that a week in Johannesburg will help to provide me a much better feel for the pulse on the ground.  Additionally, this particular GBE has a strong focus on entrepreneurship and social enterprise and is led by leading faculty members, Rajesh Chandy and Michael Hay who are renown in this field.  I attended a pre-trip briefing a week ago and it has gotten me more excited than ever.  Our schedule for the week will consist of consulting engagements with micro-entrepreneurs in the township of Alexandra and workshops and visits with a selection of corporates, professional advisers and non-profit organisations.  I expect the combination of these experiences will provide me and my classmates a great overview of both the opportunities for, and challenges of doing business in,  Africa and South Africa in particular.

We have received great feedback from the students who participated in the first GBE to New York/Boston, so the bar for this second trip has been set high.  Excitement and anticipation is definitely building amongst the group of 90+ students going on this trip.  All that remains to be done now is to pack, and get out there!

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