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Seniors and Symphonies


“I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and I’m still sober!” – Peggy, North London Cares


The #LBSforLondon crew were in for a real treat this past Friday. To kick-off the weekend of community volunteering, 15 LBS-ers traveled to St. Luke’s, Islington to enjoy a piano performance courtesy of  London Symphony Orchestra.



Even better than the classical Russian program (featuring Rachmaninov, Tchaikovsky and Scriabin) was the company – seniors from North London Cares. The seniors were so welcoming and engaging – it was almost like my own family were here (and not five time zones away!)


NLC aims to fight isolation and loneliness for our older neighbors by building cross-generational connections. They offer a full suite of activities (stay tuned for updates from #LBSforLondon Saturday and Sunday!) with the belief that both generations can benefit!




Following the symphony, we enjoyed traditional fish and chips and a pint or two. I’m a bit embarrassed to say we were outdone on the drinking front (c’mon LBS!).



#LBSforLondon may be one weekend, but North London Cares works year-round! Click here if you’d like to get involved, and spend quality time with our senior neighbors.

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Inaugural LBS Cricket Club


As a red-blooded American, I was slightly surprised, but excited, to see an NFL game here in London this past weekend

But where did I spend my Sunday? Not explaining third-down conversions or play action. Instead, I had a very proper introduction to the institution that is Cricket.

I, along with 6 other MBA students, participated in Silver Sunday at the Mecca of Cricket, Lords.


Silver Sunday is an annual initiative by the City of Westminster to engage our 65 year + neighbors. We were lucky enough to join in one of the events – a tour of Lords, followed by tea (obviously), and an inter-generational cricket match.

Lords is just around the corner from LBS, and has just celebrated it’s 200th anniversary (how many NFL stadiums can say the same?). Matches can last anywhere from 3 hours to 5 days – mind-boggling for someone with a 4-quarter attention span!


Tea Time

Our companions for the day were local seniors, with various levels of cricket-fandom. Many were visiting Lords for the very first time, but we also had a former professional Scottish player who was happy to explain the rules!

By the way – are you interested in a membership at this lovely field? You better get a head start – there’s currently a 29 year wait list (after a referral from a current member, and an interview to demonstrate your true love of the game!). The good news- ladies are welcome as well, at least as of 1999!

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