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This past week, all of us here on the Masters in Management class had the chance to participate in Business Immersion Week. Some of the companies that we got to visit included Universal Music Group, Mastercard, Unilever, Deloitte, Net-a-Porter, Rackspace, The Pentland Group, Yahoo!, Bow & Arrow Consulting, and many others! The goal of the week was to give us insight into industries and companies that we might not have thought about or looked at before and I personally learned quite a lot.


During our visit to Universal Music Group, for example, we started off the day with an amazing breakfast and even some free CD’s by some of the labels stars!


(My desperately needed coffee and a CD to go along with it!)


Afterwards, we got to hear from Global Head of New Business, Olivier Robert-Murphy. Murphy gave us an amazing presentation on how Universal Music has continued to stay at the head of the industry despite all the challenges they’ve faced from the era of digitalization. He also gave some amazing examples of some brand partnership cases his team had worked on!


Another company I got to visit was Internet giant Yahoo! In a presentation by members of their corporate and business development team, my fellow classmates and I got to hear about all the new initiatives and developments Yahoo had been working on in the past year to help keep it among top companies at the forefront of internet search and content sources today.


Finally, on Friday, another group of Masters in Management students and myself got to visit the headquarters of RackSpace cloud and hosting providers nearby London. We heard from another LBS alumnus about the cloud and hosting industries and how Rackspace had managed to position itself to become such a top contender in the past 15 years. We also got to have a tour around their amazing headquarter buildings! Some of the amenities “Rackers” (as they call them) are offered include an amazing cafeteria and games room, a private employee kitchen, company-wide foam gunfights, and even a Mini Cooper near the first floor lounge!



(MiM’s hanging out in Rackspace HQ)


So, all in all, I had a wonderful time on all of my company visits and really got a great overview into some business industries I hadn’t truly considered before! Hopefully next year’s MiM recruits can help plan another amazing Business Immersion Week for our following class!






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Start of the 2nd Term

Posted by: Victoria
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Alright, it begins again. Everyone hurried back to the London Business School campus last week for the first day of classes – it’s nice to see everyone again. As I talked to a few friends, it was clear they’ve been all over the globe. And I thought, “I could get used to this.” As someone who’s always moved around year to year, the school community makes me feel at home. Career Services was not quick to let us off though – if it’s the start of a new term, it’s the start of a new job search. As I’ve been working with the LBS Consulting Club to coordinate peer-to-peer case interviews between the MiM class, I’ve been quite busy. We’ve all been coped up on sixth floor Taunton (library) conducting case interviews with each other to make sure we’re ready for the actual day.

I think this is something that I really value within the class – I find that it’s extremely collaborative. There’s a lot of ambition, but the help offered between classmates is incredible. As January comes to a close, there’s a lot of events within the community coming , such as Tattoo (cultural festival within LBS) and MiM Business Immersion Week! There’s been some exciting talk about business immersion week due to the quality of corporate participants and office visits involved, and I’m hoping to get a chance to personally meet many of the company representatives. Tomorrow I will embark on the Brussels GIFT (global immersion field trip), which should carry us around central Brussels’ Parlamentarium and European Commission building!

Until next time.

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Posted by: Josh

When I came to LBS, I knew there would be many opportunities to get involved, learn and grow as a person. From the clubs to the interesting classes and new friends I have made, there has been so much to take advantage of at the School. So far, I would have to say the highlight of my experience has been dancing at the Indian festival Diwali.

One of the best things about the MiM programme and LBS in general is how international it is. I have made amazing friends from around the world, many of whom come from India. When I heard that the India Club was holding a party for Diwali, I decided to join some friends and practice my Indian dance moves! After many hours of preparation and suiting up in our Kurtas/Saris, we rocked the house at Diwali and had an amazing night!

Looking forward, we have the Santa Pub Crawl, an exchange with Fudan University in Shanghai and many, many more Muffin Days :)

Looking forward to terms 2 and 3!

MiMs Rocking Diwali!

MiMs Rocking Diwali!

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Enlightened by LBS

Posted by: Ryan Y
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I can never forget the moment when I received the life changing email from the MiM Admissions. Feeling the thrill and excitement from within, I jumped out of my chair and roared like a football player who just scored the winning goal. Seconds later I realised I was still in office, colleagues across the room looked at me in silence. Awkward. I slowly sat down and started working again. Embarrassed, but that didn’t stop the joy. I’m in!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at LBS. Students come from over 40 countries speaking 42 languages, being able to learn alongside my peers is, in itself, a masterclass in diversity. Academic-wise, it is all about applying the theoretical knowledge to everyday, real-life examples. We sit in a rounded lecture where all students are expected to contribute in discussions and express our views. Through this unique learning experience I am able to gain greater insights than ever before.

The career service is another integral part of the programme. There are enormous amount of career sessions ranging from 1-to-1 career coaching to group assessment centre practice; just in the last month, over 100 sessions took place. There are also company presentations and networking events in LBS ranging from finance, consulting and corporate sectors. Through these events I was provided with lots of opportunities to network with their current employees, learn more about their culture and experience. I’m very excited about an interview opportunity at a consultancy firm next week, and that could not be possible without the help of career service.

I’m now half way through the first term, and I am still feeling the excitement at LBS. Two months ago, I thought to myself that LBS would be my best decision in life. Now I can be very sure to say, that LBS is the best decision in my life.

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As the current class of MiMs throw up their hats to celebrate graduation and pack their bags to move on to bigger and better futures in their chosen careers, its inevitable to look back and think about what we wish we might have known before we began this exhilarating experience.

So I bring to you a few things that the current class said when asked about the best advice they received when applying to business school and the advice they would pass on to future MiMs.

“Think about what value addition Business School is bringing to your education” “Go to the school with the best name for your CV” were some responses. I would agree and add that this is especially key for those who are still deciding what they should be doing for the next year of their life. LBS added a lot to my CV due to the clubs and activities I was able to be a part of and it helped give me a balanced education with my engineering background. How would it help you?

“Manage your time well and try meeting one new person everyday” while ambitious, is great advice because of the tremendous benefits a good network can lead to. “Enjoy your last year of university” - no doubt advice that has been born from the nostalgia of leaving, all MiMs would agree that in addition to studying and securing a job, the importance of making the journey a memorable one cannot be overstated.

As far as particularly applying to LBS, “Prepare your application and interview thoroughly and get advice from someone who has been accepted into a top school” “Be prepared, you will be surprised how many candidates enter the interview without doing their research”. I put these first since I have also had a fair share of experience with candidates who go through the admissions process only to be surprised mid way through the process when interview questions leave them unprepared. The first stage of essays is also very crucial “Take it serious and let your friends and family proofread your essay’s. If they recognize your personality in your writing, you’re on the right track.” “Make sure to tell your story through your essays”.

Once accepted, this year can be overwhelming with opportunities. “Be mature, know your objectives. Be sure you are clear about them, and MiM will help to achieve them.” “Enjoy every event and meet as many people as you can because thats where you will learn the most from” “If you have a business background, the MiM at LBS will be more beneficial if you are looking for a programme that gives you a network and personal development training”

Others say “Be certain about atleast three career choices and know that you have researched them well. It might sound clichéd, but “be yourself” is sound advice – be the best version of yourself.” “Don’t underestimate Marketing!” and “Make sure you don’t forget to have fun!”

More questions regarding the course can be directed to MiM student ambassadors or leave a comment below

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Starting with Start-ups

Posted by: Mihir

Over the last semester, MiMs studied Entrepreneurial Management – all you need to know when innovating and aiming to launch your own start-up. This module has been full of real-life knowledge that I found useful as we studied cases which were debated extensively in class and had an entrepreneur speak to us each week regarding their journey and lessons learnt. This included how to finance ventures, value an idea and create the ideal team.

Perhaps the best example of practical application was the ‘Discovery Project’ that teams undertook to come up with an innovative idea that addresses a pain point in the consumers lives and design and develop a business model to fill that market gap. Culminating weeks of market research and brainstorming was a Tradeshow presentation at London Business School where entrepreneurs from the LBS Incubator program judged the ideas.

Winning ideas included a student discount app for establishments near universities, self defence mobile accessory for women and a website to help people undertake courses for personal development.

What I most enjoyed through this whole experience was actually going through the processes that are required before beginning a business and being able to understand what are my strengths and weaknesses throughout the journey. Since we worked in a team, we were able to balance the skills required to design the product, undertake market research, and produce a financial forecast and business model.

This is just one example to showcase why I feel the MiM is a great degree in management because it does not only cover the theory and frameworks for business but also equips you with the practical information required to apply this knowledge.

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MiM Act 3 Scene 1

Posted by: Mihir

How many MiMs does it take to make an unforgettable year? What do you get when you cross 162 highly effective students, London and Finance and Accounting? Why did the MiM cross Marylebone Road?

The answers to all these brain scratchers can be found if you visit London Business School today where the MiMs have entered the third trimester of the year. As everything we have experienced this year, the semester started off with a bang and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Even before classes began, some MiMs went on a Global Immersion Field Trip to Paris and visited the House of Hermes as well as equestrian event Le Saut Hermes at the Grand Palais. Soon as classes began, we were visited by students from the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) and IE Madrid as part of the Global Immersion Exchange. It was one of my most culturally stimulating exchanges as we discussed crayfish, spoke Spanish and experienced the high life of London. The program also included some fascinating talks on Financial Valuation and Comparative development in Africa by esteemed LBS guest lecturers.

As goes with an exchange, last week LBS students travelled to Stockholm to chat with Anders Dahlvig, former-CEO and President of IKEA. Have a look at the Masters in Management Facebook page for some interesting moments of the exchange captured. Next week we’re heading to Madrid to visit IE MiMs in what promises to be another amazing chapter in the MiM life.

On the all-important academic side, the MiM just leapt to a whole new level of learning-by-doing. As part of the Entrepreneurial Management module, we’re currently brainstorming and identifying market gaps to develop innovations in the goods or service sector to present at a Trade show later this year!

The course in Strategic Analysis is also enforcing the practical side of education as we have partnered up with medical giant GlaxoSmithKline to work on a project to develop a new commercial business model for their operations in emerging markets.

And it doesn’t end there; Microeconomics and Management Accounting are more subjects we will be studying this semester.


More to come this year:

  • Global Immersion to Brussels
  • Monthly MiM Muffin Days
  • MiM Closing day activities
  • Graduation
  • Summer Ball
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Theme of the Month: Immersion

Posted by: Mihir
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Let me recap what’s happened since I last wrote.

The MiMs had our first final exams which were intense but successful! We then said our tearful goodbyes as we broke for winter break but soon to return refreshed, reenergized and reinvigorated to take on the new challenges of this semester. Over the break, many MiMs had the chance to discover London as well as meet up around the world and continue the MiM experience off-campus.

The semester began with 3 new interesting modules and new focuses. Many MiMs have secured job offers with their choice of employers and so this semester is focused to enhance the LBS experience by immersion into other facets of career and personal development. Clubs and societies embarked on treks to visit companies internationally such as the Retail & Luxury Goods and Energy Club trips to Paris where they interacted with management from large companies. We also had a spring careers event attended by 40 employers followed by Business Immersion Week.

The BIW has so far been the highlight of my time here as I got to visit M&C Saatchi, BBC, Universal Music, LVMH, Pentland group and Google! Some of the other 28 companies visited included Accenture, Blackstone, CNN, Deloitte and London Stock Exchange. I was taken aback by the information I learned about various companies and sectors.

In other news, LBS is buzzing with excitement for the annual Tattoo festival for which tickets were sold in under 5 minutes. There’s food, drink, dance, music and performances from around the world as we showcase our global diversity. #LBStattoo.

And lastly, there’s more immersion to come ahead with the MiM Global Immersion Field Trips that are taking us on an exchange to Paris, Brussels, Madrid and Stockholm to visit local businesses schools and companies. I personally can’t wait to attend one of the trips!

Phew! That’s a lot of information to cover. If there’s anything in particular you want to know about, comment below!

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Turning Point

Posted by: Yang
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The second week of second term definitely has a different feeling than the first. There was a general sentiment last term that everyone’s trying to settle in, adapt to business learning (new to everyone despite background), and most importantly understand the rules of the UK job market. So what has changed?

Definitely a change of focus. Speaking from personal experience and also talking to many classmates, everyone has had at least some success in getting interviews. Many discussions on job hunting experiences, as well as deep soul-searching and refocusing can be heard around campus. Of course, this may be due to the effect of MBAs starting to look for internships and full time roles. So overall, perhaps a more subdued crowd!

But this is not the full picture though. Your correspondent has been bombarded with emails about treks to many exotic locations around the world, as well as conferences on a wide range of industries. Business education lives on, and leading up to the Business Emersion Week, your correspondent is quite excited about the prospect of feeling the buzz of the London Stock Exchange trading floor, or the bewildering atmosphere of the open-plan offices at Google!

January has also brought us the first snow of the winter in London, and what a view it was! (Pictures by our very talented Alice Zheng: On the other hand, it definitely was difficult to climb out of bed in the morning… I feel that the old saying about perspiration and inspiration is well suited here – no pain, no gain!

A critical juncture it is then, for our MiM class as well as all of you gifted future MiMs around the world. The New Year is a great time to set a goal, get things right and make a difference. It is time to make things count!

(Interesting fact: 1.01365 = 37.8;   0.99365 = 0.03; Small steps everyday makes a huge difference!)

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Do you remember the days when you waited for the last bell of term to ring, signifying the start of break, no classes and carefree days? Today I find myself in a surprising conundrum where I am perplexed why I don’t feel like catching the next flight out to go home for Christmas break.

This past weeks, the MiM2013s shunned the outdoors and locked themselves away, (except for a few who braved the legendary LBS Santa Pub Crawl) to prepare for our first end-of-semester exams. Study groups huddled close to keep warm and discuss decision making biases, financial accounting and risk analysis as midnight oil was burned at Taunton (the library).

The semester culminated spectacularly with a MiM Christmas Party and the question ‘what next?’ entered my mind. While I miss my family and am eager to fly home, London has so much to offer this festive season that going back almost feels like missing out! Hyde Park is host to the annual Winter Wonderland, Somerset House provides the most picturesque ice skating experience and South Bank is celebrating the chocolate festival. Are you tempted yet?

Moreover, I am going to miss the companionship of my diverse MiM family who will be scattered around the globe to spend the holidays with their families. I envy those who will ring in the New Year here and may possibly experience a rare white Christmas.

On the other hand, I wish best of luck to all those who are currently applying for the MiM class of 2014 and hope that these experiences give you an insight into what to expect. Is there anything you want to read about in particular? Write a comment with your questions.

The MiM is holding special information sessions in Mumbai and Mexico this winter for those who wish to know more. Visit to register

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