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Life After Class

Posted by: allison_s

The midterm chaos is over, stats assignments are submitted, most applications are pending….What now? Life at London Business School as a MiM student doesn’t stop there….

MiMs have been quick to make their mark at LBS, becoming club officers, running for Student Association Reps, competing in business case competitions and even spearheading their own initiatives. MiM students have co-founded new clubs such as the Photography Club, arranged for inspiring and unique speakers such as Gene Simmons and taken part in social initiatives such as the Volunteers Club Toy Drive. The energy and determination of the MiM 2012 class is truly inspiring.

One of the initiatives I am currently enjoying is taking part in the Impact Consulting student group. The group is committed to making a positive social impact by providing consulting services to organizations with high economic and social development potential. Projects are comprised of student volunteers, across all LBS programs, that are interested in making a valuable contribution, developing their consulting skills and learning about the social sector. I’m working with a group of 5 students, from the MiM and MBA programs, on a Marketing Project in South Africa. It really holds true, that learning and skill development continues far beyond the classroom here at LBS. It’s also been a test of my ability to juggle and balance multiple responsibilities at once. The first few months we were bombarded with opportunities and quickly we’ve had to prioritize where we want to focus our efforts. It was a hard process, and I often wished to be many places at once, but I’m very happy with the initiatives I’ve chosen…to be fair, you really can’t go wrong.

So what about life outside of LBS? Yes. This does happen…occasionally.

A typical weekend could involve touring TATE Modern free of charge, exploring the delicious food stalls of Borough Market, scoring cheap last minute tickets to Jersey Boys, catching Yann Tiersen in concert at the Roundhouse Theatre or a night out with fellow MiMs arranged by our MiM Social Reps. I could go on since every night in London has been completely different.

With that said, I need to get back to work and then off to Covent Gardens for dinner!

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Why I Joined LBS Women’s Rugby

Posted by: kasia_s
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As a MiM you will have access to all the great events, resources, and people that LBS has to offer. Whether you want to meet with Facebook reps at the Marketing club, visit the headquarters of GE Healthcare with the Healthcare Club, or have a panel with Apple Marketing a the Luxury Goods Clubs, we can make it happen.

After navigating the dizzying array of choices, I would like to share one of my experiences with LBS Clubs. So here are:

The reasons why I joined the Women’s Touch Rugby Club at LBS:

1. The official kick-off session had the mystery of Hogwarts and the spirit of Animal House.  At the beginning of the season our MBA2012s teach the Ladies secret ceremonies, give away plenty of spirits, and take us out for a night at Bloomsbury Lanes for karaoke and bowling.Imagine fifty women in eighties clothing performing heartfelt renditions of “Dancing Queen”, “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Barbie Girl”. This is a great time to network with the MBA2012/2013, MIF, and EMBA students and make some new friends.

2. You stay in shape. Before joining rugby I had never touched a rugby ball in my life. I was fearful of developing cauliflower ears and being pummeled to death. Luckily the team is meant for real beginners and offers trained players the opportunity to lead, mentor, and compete. Trust me, your yoga pants will look better on you after a few training sessions and there is no tackling.

3. Rugby players know how to let off steam. The men’s and women’s teams often join together for some huge parties such as last week’s Pub Golf Challenge.The gentlemen dressed up as Hawaiian golfers (think chaps in Hawaiin shirts and plaid trousers with stockings) and we ladies were a vision in animal print. We made it through nine Regents Park and Marlyebone pubs with various challenges, debacles, and new nicknames earned (a rugby tradition). In pub golf, everyone ends up winning.

4. We are sponsored! This means that we not only get access to awesome networking events with our sponsors at Barclay Capital and BCG, but we also get to attend tournaments around the world (including INSEAD in November!) at a discounted rate. We continue to win the world MBA Rugby championship and other prestigious tournaments around the globe, and enjoy all the glory and networking that go with it.

5. It is also the only socially acceptable way to call someone on campus a hooker or a dummy.

tldr; LBS ladies play as hard as they work. LBS has an enormous, diverse, and prestigious array of extra-curriculars.

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MiM2012 orientation was packed with useful career development programs, personal development programs, keynote speakers and of course, evenings at the Windsor. As I look back on orientation week, one message seems to really resonate….Network. Network. Network. And did I mention Network?!

During the first month at LBS I had the fortunate opportunity to hear successful networking stories that showcased the value of building long lasting professional connections. Whether you use networking as a form of job-hunting, a learning opportunity or making new friends, networking never fails to reap professional benefits. In the beginning I was hesitant to walk into a room of strangers in business suits and really put myself out there. However, as one of the keynote speakers so aptly put it, “just be yourself, but with skill”. Already, LBS has helped in harnessing my skills and clarifying the process of networking. I mean, that’s one of the great things about studying at LBS, there are infinite opportunities to make new connections, to hear about others’ experiences and to make valuable lifelong relationships that render beyond Nash lounge and Taunton library. I had the fortunate opportunity to speak with senior executives, managers, and recruiters across all industries including Johnson & Johnson, Accenture and Deloitte. And to think, the program has just begun!

I look forward to continuing to develop my networking skills, whether I’m at the Windsor this evening or the FINCO event later this week.

Happy Networking!

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