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Location Matters

Posted by: Ly Le

If you have come across any of LBS’ myriad of web banners, sponsored links, magazine ads (and I am sure you have, what else could have led you to this post?), you must have realized that we are pretty proud of our prime location in London, and we make rather intensive use of it in our marketing. In fact, the title of this blog post is more or less taken straight from a slide in the presentation deck we used in information sessions for prospective students. Does that make this entire post of mine entirely repetitive, therefore a waste of time? I hope not, because when our Admissions Team mention London, they usually make it synonymous with “job opportunities“, “leading financial institutions“, “world’s biggest companies“, and of course, they are absolutely right, but personally when I think London, I tend to think more of “an awesome place to live“. So, as an amateur photographer who is attracted to all things pretty, and an aspiring living contradiction to the general perception that the LBS Masters in Finance is all about numbers and figures, I’d like to present to you 10 photos from my London collection, in the hope to convince you that it’s worthy to come to LBS, not just for working the job, but also for living the life.

First, as a matter of fact, there is the school itself, which is quite breathtakingly beautiful:


Here’s my view whilst studying in the Nash garden:

Nash Garden

Then there are the classics, Eye, Bridge, Tower:

London Eye

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

That picture of the Tower of London was color edited,  obviously, but the sweeping mass of poppies are 100% real. Those poppies belong to an ongoing display at the Tower to commemorate the outbreak of the First World War. In London, there are plenty of chances for that, you know, to be impressed and to take a picture and edit it to impress your friends at home. Or you can also easily ask someone to take a picture of you and tweak it a bit to make it look like you are in the middle of a classic movie, because London is just convenient like that. This is me at Piccadilly Circus, for example:

Piccadilly Circus

There are also nice, little known things that just happened to catch your eyes, like this wall of wine-red vines that I came across on my way to Greenwich Park:

Red vines

Talk about Greenwich, if you’re in the area, definitely do NOT miss out on visiting the Old Royal Naval College. I was there last month and was treated to a very interesting (and totally free) performance featuring the renowned diarist Samuel Pepys.


Now that we mention diaries and such, you guys should be aware that London is a heaven for book lovers. Fact: Waterstone’s Piccadilly is Europe’s largest bookshop.

Waterstone's 1

I went there last weekend, spent 3 hours and a considerable amount of pound sterling, and I fully plan to go back next week, because, well:

Waterstone's 2

The very same could be said for London, you will never reach the end of this city, so let’s get to exploring as soon and as much as possible, shall we?

I will see you at our starting point, the LBS campus, Regent’s Park, London NW1 4SA.



P.S. Do contact me at any time if you have burning questions regarding the where to go and what to see around London.

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I know a lot of you are probably reading this to get a better idea of what LBS is about so you can decide if it’s for you or so you can figure out new insights while doing the application.  I did the same thing.  I would read through all these blogs last year looking for any little bit of info I hadn’t seen.  With my blog I’ll try to provide some of the info and stories that I was looking for.

For this blog I’ll give a little introduction and a couple silly issues I worried about.

I am from Florida, and was accepted round 1 for MBA2014 program.  I think that meant I found out about Christmas time 2011.  I was very excited and started immediately to figure out where I would live.  I had almost zero experience with London, so I played it like I would if I were moving in the States.  I researched for cool safe areas near the school, then looked up the cheapest places in those areas.  I must have spent 4-5 months doing this.  Showing things to my girlfriend (who was moving over with me) and debating at ends what was safe, good, clean, and cheap.

None of this mattered.  I learned that in London every street is different, and it’s a pretty darn safe place for a big city.  What worked best for us was to just show up and pound the pavement and see as many places as you can as fast as you can.  I will talk more specifically about the Flat Hunt in another post.

If you’re from the US the Visa is actually pretty easy.

The school provides a great step by step guide for filling out your visa form, however I had a girlfriend who was to come with me.  And she wanted to work too.  It seemed next to impossible to find info on how to get a non-married partner here on my visa.  I contacted consulates, embassies, I even got some angry phone calls back from someone saying that it was not an emergency.  In the end I provided EVERY bit of proof I could find that we had been together for as long as we have been together, organized and indexed it and sent it away.  In 6 days I had an email saying we were approved.

That’s all for now, but I will share much more over the next many months.


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