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Life during OCR

Posted by: Carolina

The start of the year signals the beginning of the On Campus Recruiting (‘OCR’) period for MBA summer internships. We returned from the year-end break to face Corporate Partners week – a week fuelled with companies’ presentations, mostly in investment banking and consultancy.

The agenda was hectic and pretty soon completing application forms by the tight deadlines seemed overwhelming for some. But submitting applications was nothing in comparison to the interviewing. The favourite (and sometimes only) topic of conversation in and out of campus during January and February was interviews: how many have you got? What company? What did they ask you? Have you heard back?

It was like a collective obsession that took over us.

We are in mid February now and the interview pipeline has started to dry up for those in banking and consulting. By now, some of us have already accepted offers and stopped interviewing; others are still in the search. For all of us, life in campus has started to feel more normal.

So after attending almost all presentations, filling many application forms and doing my round of interviews, this is my advice:
- Start preparing early. You might think it’s a cliché… Seriously, just do it! Things like cover letters can be drafted in advance and refined after attending the company’s presentation. Same goes for online application forms in which you can start filling in your details.
- Do as many mock interviews as you can, but do leave sometime between sessions to take in the advice you are given and polish your technique.
- Ask the second years because they have been through OCR before and are extremely helpful, especially in sharing tips.
- Don’t forget that your CV is your most powerful tool. But if you are a career switcher you will need to do more networking than someone who already has experience in the area.
- Don’t panic! There’s always that technical question that you didn’t know and that fit question in which you could have used a stronger example. Yes, perhaps you could have done better but don’t despair. Learn from the experience and move on.

It was a tough month for me – more like an emotional roller-coaster, but my hard work paid off, and now OCR seems like a distant memory of a time in which I learnt a lot about myself and my classmates. The challenge doesn’t end here… bring the summer internship on!

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