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The long silence…

Posted by: AK

…comes to an end as I publish this post. Today, when the workload at my summer internship workplace wasn’t too intense, I decided to take a step back and think of things I’ve been losing out on during all these past weeks and months. And the school blog was one of those things!

The reality is that:

1) Among other things, blogging trickled down to a lower rank on the priority list. As much as I want to say that my involvement over the last term was fairly all-rounded — clubs’ programs and conferences, competitions, student ambassador programs, sports, course work, London partying and get-togethers etc., the truth is that I did very little of any of these activities. I was mostly busy with the part-time work in London, and the rest of the time was spent doing assignments and course activities. <More on the part time work below>

2) When you see others posting on the blog, you feel less guilty for not having contributed. Some also term this as the social loafing. I soon realized that the blog remains active – irrespective of me posting or not.

3) In the early terms, like any other overenthusiastic kid, I ended up taking loads of responsibilities: overloaded myself with electives (in the attempt to front-load course work), joined several (well, more than several) clubs, organized and attended speaker talks, attended and spoke in the MBA information sessions, participated in competitions and social events etc. And with all of this – obviously the blogging frequency suffered. Gradually, all of this not only affected the lifestyle but also caused distraction. And what I eventually realized is that while variety is good, some degree of focus is equally important.

Last 8 months or so, I decided to focus. I came to LBS to learn new things in life, and therefore, in the attempt to diversify the resume and learn new things (not as much to make the bucks), I started working part-time in January, and continued to do that for six months — i.e. before I started my summer internship. Since a number of people have asked me to share experiences on part-time work during the first year at LBS, I decided to summarize my take here:

a) In the last one year, the best thing I liked about LBS is the level of flexibility it offers. And how one can juggle the courses alongside the part-time work. It’s actually quite simple, especially if you attend all the classes and do the assignments sincerely.
b) Juggling part-time work alongside summer internship process can be hard. Summer internship process starts around Oct-Nov, and until you have the final offer, it can keep you busy — depending on how many internships you run after. I was quite selective in what I applied to — applied to a total of 7 roles, and interviewed with 4 of them. I therefore had all the time for the part-time work — when most others applied for a large number of summer roles.
c) Depending on the work load, part-time work does mean that you lose out on social events and activities. That’s a compromise you need to make early on
d) A ton of part-time opportunities open up on the LBS discussion forums and career portal. Typically, there are more opportunities to work with start-ups, but there also are opportunities to work on bigger assignments once in a while – so it’s important to closely follow the platforms. Ofcourse, if you can source something through personal connections – that always helps.
e) Finally, how you source an opportunity, what you do and how much you make, significantly depends on your reason to work part-time – an attempt to diversify profile and learn vs. need for funds

Well – that’s it for today. I do hope that the next silence won’t be for long, and you’ll hear from me soon!

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