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Warmed up!

Posted by: AK

Having worked for over five years, I always wondered what it must be to go back to studies. In all those pre-MBA information sessions, one question that I always wanted to ask was if the school tunes us well before throwing us into the whirlpool of actual courses, assignments and other b-school activities. But the fact is that I never asked that question. At that time, I thought it was important to ask questions that are ‘academically intelligent’ and not ‘academically trivial’. With two weeks into the program now, I answered that question — because I do feel warmed up and tuned at this point.

In past, I’ve had the opportunity to coordinate, manage, and attend some of the most professionally run programmes and events. But my experience over the last two weeks beats all of them hands down. Clearly, the school did put in a lot of effort and thought into structuring our pre-term. The pre-term not only covered the variety, but also reflected the intensity. It not only focused on quantity, but also assured quality. While the pre-term covered the obvious b-school courses, e.g. general management and finance, it also focused a great deal on training us on leadership and team building through team simulations and leadership lecture series, coaching us on effective presentation and communication techniques, highlighting our real baseline through detailed feedback and personal development coaching, and more importantly, relationship building by setting up platforms for new students to interact with each other.

On the contrary, one of my friends, who recently joined another leading global business school, told me that he was quite unhappy with his school’s pre-term phase because all he was being taught was basic mathematics, excel, finance and related topics. As much as I realize that such schools might just cover some of those things at a later time, the situation strengthens my belief that LBS is one of the few schools that is focused on developing an individual’s all-round personality, and producing dynamic leaders right from Day 1.

The first two weeks of the program have been clear highlights. I not only feel tuned to take up the challenges ahead, but also warmed up to learn from those experiences.

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