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The moment of truth

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The moment of truth is here.

For those of you that have applied to do an MBA at LBS in Stage 2.

But also for those of us MBAs that are recruiting for the Summer Internship positions.

You interview, we interview.

Let’s talk about you first.

The second round is the one with the highest number of applicants (I myself applied on Round 2, just one year ago). You will soon know whether you are invited to an interview. And then what?

Well, someone that was in your shoes several years ago and that has something in common with you (country of origin, background, etc) will interview you. At LBS only Alumni interview you. And I think it’s great because in my case I didn’t know much people that had been at LBS before so it was a good opportunity to get a feel (with a sample of 1, I know) of who goes to LBS and which sort of career paths they get after. So make the most of it and ask about their story.

Key insight: With your application, they know a lot about your background, your achievements, your academic track record. The essays give them a feel for the type of person you are. There is one KEY question they want to answer in the interview, though: WHO are you really? And would you be the sort of person that would be nice to work with? Are you fun, interesting, engaging, open or are you immensely clever yet equally arrogant and closed?

Best advice I can give you? Be yourself and share YOUR story.

And if you want to know what life is like at LBS or what the moment of truth is for us, let me describe what January looked like.

5th January to 9th January: Corporate Partner Week. There are no classes. Just presentations of companies. McKinsey, Bain, BCG, ATKearney, Monitor, Roland Berger, Strategy& were there from consulting. Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Nomura, Barclays, JP Morgan, Capital Group, Credit Suisse, Citi, Deutsche came from Banking.

The classes start on the 12th January. But the recruiting doesn’t stop. On the contrary. The list of company presentations continues throughout the month: Vodafone, Ebay, Facebook, Linkedin, Amazon, BT, American Express, Thomson Reuters, J&J, GSK, Google, LEK,Microsoft, L’Oreal … Even the Cabinet Office!

I have not followed all the different recruiting process because I was only interested in Strategy Consulting,but just to give you a feel I will describe the timeline for the MBB process (McKinsey, Bain, BCG):

Week 1: Company presentations. Applications at the weekend.

Week 2/3: Confirmation of invitation to interview.

Week 4: Interview 1st round. Interview Final Round in some cases.

Week 5. Some other Final rounds. Decisions (that’s today). If successful, special weekend prepared for all those with an offer.

Week 6: Some more 1st Rounds & Final Rounds.

So the moment of truth comes and goes very fast…

My key takeaways on it:

Being on a top school like LBS is KEY. Let me highlight it again. It’s KEY. Why?

  • Access to recruiters: The recruiters come on campus, have a relationship with the school, and have special recruitment channels (even a special webpage) for your school. I received e-mails from the big three even before applying inviting me to events because they had seen my CV in the CV School Book. The fact that the school has a relationship with them and the recruiter considers the school a target means they arrange coffee chats, they regularly come on campus,etc., which for you means you can visit their offices, meet some of their staff, do networking and get a much better picture of who they are. Don’t get me wrong. The competition is hard. There might be 200 applications from LBS and only 10 will get an offer for the summer so it’s a very competitive process but at least it’s 10! If it was in another school, maybe no-one or maximum 1. Imagine how much harder it is to get visibility if you are not here!
  • Support during prep: There is a significant proportion of students interested in the same things than you so the career services, the students from the year before, professionals coming from the area you are interested in help you prepare with case interviews and mock interviews.

Be ready for it.

But first things first and one step at a time.

Your moment of truth comes first so focus on that.

Good luck with your interviews!




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