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Autumn sun and croquet

Posted by: James

When people think of London weather, they usually think of dreary grey skies and gentlemen in their suits walking around with umbrellas as if they were extensions of their arms. The last weekend, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Records have been broken with some of the hottest temperatures being recorded in the last 100 years! LBSer’s would never be people to let an opportunity like this pass them by. Especially B Stream (officially the BEST stream of the MBA 2013 class) who organised a get together in Regent’s Park on the Saturday afternoon.

One of the great things about LBS is its location right next to Regent’s Park; it’s a fantastic place to escape the rapid pace of London and school. So, early afternoon, we descended upon the middle of Regent’s Park and set up camp. We came prepared with supplies of food that would have filled a vast picnic hamper. We came with frisbees, soccer balls, rugby balls, books and good conversation. We also came with blankets and a croquet set loaned from the school.

Who has ever heard of a school which has a croquet set that it lends out to its students? My undergrad school certainly didn’t. I think it’s brilliant. If you’re one of those people weighing up business schools to apply to, and needed something to tip the balance towards LBS, this should be it. There we were, on the well-manicured lawns, playing that most English of sport. Pimms may or may not have also been in hand to complement the game. Our knowledge of the rules was nascent, but we played with the enthusiasm of a finance professor explaining NPV to a class for the first time. There was a delicate balance struck between competitiveness and sportsmanship out on the field. And at the end of the day, the better team prevailed (not my team, sadly).

It could be a while until the sun next shines. But when it does, I’m looking forward to a rematch on the lawns of Regent’s Park.

Croquet in Regent's Park

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