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Turning Point

Posted by: Yang
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The second week of second term definitely has a different feeling than the first. There was a general sentiment last term that everyone’s trying to settle in, adapt to business learning (new to everyone despite background), and most importantly understand the rules of the UK job market. So what has changed?

Definitely a change of focus. Speaking from personal experience and also talking to many classmates, everyone has had at least some success in getting interviews. Many discussions on job hunting experiences, as well as deep soul-searching and refocusing can be heard around campus. Of course, this may be due to the effect of MBAs starting to look for internships and full time roles. So overall, perhaps a more subdued crowd!

But this is not the full picture though. Your correspondent has been bombarded with emails about treks to many exotic locations around the world, as well as conferences on a wide range of industries. Business education lives on, and leading up to the Business Emersion Week, your correspondent is quite excited about the prospect of feeling the buzz of the London Stock Exchange trading floor, or the bewildering atmosphere of the open-plan offices at Google!

January has also brought us the first snow of the winter in London, and what a view it was! (Pictures by our very talented Alice Zheng: On the other hand, it definitely was difficult to climb out of bed in the morning… I feel that the old saying about perspiration and inspiration is well suited here – no pain, no gain!

A critical juncture it is then, for our MiM class as well as all of you gifted future MiMs around the world. The New Year is a great time to set a goal, get things right and make a difference. It is time to make things count!

(Interesting fact: 1.01365 = 37.8;   0.99365 = 0.03; Small steps everyday makes a huge difference!)

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