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Hi everyone, let me first briefly introduce myself as I hope this is the start of a long term relationship. I am Israeli, 32 years old, with 5 years working experience in corporate finance, both in consulting firm and in-house corporate, an agro-chemical company. I arrived to London 1.5 months ago with my wife, and I must say that my experience in the MiF programme went far over my expectations (and I had expectations).  It’s not that I am writing this because LBS logo is shown on the upper left side of this web page, I truly feel that I will have one of the best times of my life here.

There are many reasons for my great enjoyment from the programme, but on this post I will elaborate on what might be the most important – There are so many things to do here!

It must be admitted that few years after the first degree, life may become a bit boring. At LBS and London, you can be sure that you would find something interesting to do. So for me, the decision to go aboard to study at LBS was the best thing for me at this point of life, making my life much more exciting than before. Every day I meet new people, visit a new place, and do something new. I can demonstrate it through some of my activities on the last couple of days:

Sunday – Went with my wife to a Partners’ club visit to the National Gallery followed by a visit to a nearby pub (of course), and in the evening going with few MiFs to a … pub.
Monday – A lecture from Director at Deloitte Sports about the intersection of sports and business, organized by the Sports Business Club at LBS.
Tuesday – Presentation from Barclays Capital on equity markets.
Wednesday – Celebrating the Jewish New Year with Israeli MBA students.
Thursday – Going out to dinner with my wife’s colleagues from work.

At the same time I need to study (we had our first exam on Saturday), participate in career events, and also clean and organize my flat. We moved to the flat only two weeks ago, and that is something that I definitely not recommend. In fact, I strongly advise future students to make all the necessary arrangements as early as possible, so at the start of the programme they could devote all their energy and efforts to what LBS can offer. I believe that it is a common mistake of students (and myself) to enter into a mood of euphoria after admitting the School, and leave many arrangements to the last moment.  However, There are many things to do, including the painful topic of issuing a Visa, on which I will elaborate in the future.

So for the flat, my wife and I could have prepared better, but for another important issue we have made a lot of efforts and were able to find my wife a job in London.  I guess that not so many candidates on their early university research are aware of the fact that students’ partners are eligible to work in the UK. For students with partners, that it is a huge advantage here comparing to other places like the US, for example.

Btw if we are talking about my wife, if you just take a look again on my activities this week, you can see that two of these activities were organized by my wife.  I know that some students worry that because of their partner they will not be “free” enough to go out and meet new people. However, what I found out here is the opposite. Through my wife I am able to extend my social circles, by meeting non-MiF students (through the Partners club) or by meeting people not from LBS (through my wife’s work).

This is my first blog, I am actually glad that I wrote it more than a month after the start of the year, so I don’t have to give details on the many events we had at the beginning of the programme. When I came here I had very limited knowledge on what we will go through during the introduction period, and that way I enjoyed it much more.  I would just say that future LBS students should work on their fear of heights ASAP…

I hope this blog will act interactively with its readers, so whether you are future MiF students, want to be MiF students or not sure if you want to be MiFs… please write me your comments/questions and I will respond here, as far as my knowledge allows me.

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