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Many people would not be surprised to hear that studying in a business school helped me get a new job. But I never expected that it would be co-chairing the school’s black-tie Summer Ball committee, very much unpaid. I was flattered and gracefully accepted (fine I was over the moon, but us “chairs” are not to be seen over-excited about anything). The news came on the 14th of February, when I was working round-the-clock in our French offices, quietly mourning St. Valentine’s celebrations – and alas – there was finally some justice in the world. However for my co-chair this must have been an even more special piece of news, as the event itself fell precisely on his birthday, just another 5 months later.


For those whose paths never crossed a single doorstep of a­­ school black-tie Ball – think about graduation after a looooong, hard, demanding but fun year at school, think tuxedos and gowns, adopt the nostalgic “we might never see each-other ever again” feeling. And now turn all this into expectations for your last party at the school. And see it from the organisers’ eyes. Scary?

Enormously, if you have even a tiny hint of responsibility, empathy and consciousness in your nature. Not for our fearless (or foolish) group of 6. We saw the ball as a defining event not only for LBS, but for London’s summer social scene, and committed to not go for second best in anything in our attempt to make this day unforgettable for our classmates. We set out to challenge the famous Oxbridge May balls and themed ours “Great Expectations”. This turned out into a fantastic and challenging experience, which without doubt tested our management, leadership, problem solving, negotiating and number crunching skills better than any exam as well as probed our stamina, creativity, and diplomacy.


So what did the LBS Summer Ball committee members spend their free time doing?
- Visiting potential venues all around London (including National History Museum, One Mayfair, Greenwich, Guildhall, British Museum – we even considered a tree house) – check
Doing 3 food tastings a day, some excellent, and some not that much – check
Manual control of the 1000 purchased tickets – check
Writing copy for imaginary event hosts to post on their Facebook page – check 
Meeting up on Sunday early a.m. to decide on a ticket-selling strategy – check
Reaching out to 100+ small and big companies to get sponsorship – check
Designing logos, wristbands, tickets and building a website from scratch – check
Going clubbing to find the best DJ for the event – check
Stepping outside comfort zone, staying up notoriously late, sometimes disagreeing and still having lots of fun – check


11 day countdown is on and I cannot wait, but am already full of bitter sweet memories. Because there is hardly a possibility that I will be involved in organizing next year’s ball. Its also quite probable that I will never get to throw another party of this size and blitz. And there is absolutely no room for doubt that I will ever forget this odyssey to put the LBS SB’12 together.

…and yes, as of 3rd July 2012, we still do have some tickets available…

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